Yummy National Press Release

5th May 2021



It was exactly one year ago today that we introduced Yummy to the world… or at least to Lincolnshire. In just a single year of trading, and even amid Covid, we have achieved so much with our plucky, popular young business. We have helped over 25 of our best Lincolnshire suppliers to sell over 100,000 of their products to thousands of our clients.

Yummy began its life in a small warehouse – far too small as it turns out – and though we soon moved into a bigger warehouse, its success continued and we have had to move again, into an even bigger warehouse.

The truth is, we’re still struggling to keep up with demand, which means our delivery slots are booked up too quickly, and too far in advance. We want our user experience to be positive – commensurate with our five-star, ‘Excellent’ reviews on Trustpilot. And so, what better day than our first anniversary to open up Yummy to the whole of the UK!

To do this we’ve taken on a national courier. The advantage of doing so is that we can open up almost unlimited slots (limited, perhaps, only by how much our suppliers can cope with).

Our national courier can also let our customers know when their order will be arriving and when it has been delivered. Customers can also pay a little extra to specify a delivery before 10.30am or 12noon, or to opt for standard delivery (up to 8pm).

To facilitate our growth, however, our new system means we will no longer be able to deliver on Mondays or Tuesdays. We will, though, deliver from Wednesday to Saturday (and will eventually offer Sunday deliveries, if needed).

In addition, there are some items we can’t deliver using a next day, national courier service. These include frozen fish pies from Chapmans Seafoods for example, or fresh cream cakes from Olawa Bakery. And so, sadly, we have had to lose some products and some shops to ensure we adhere to best practices in terms of food safety.

We remain in talks with East Lincolnshire Seafood about which items can remain on Yummy. The team is confident we can sell all of the fishmonger’s products. However, we have chosen to switch them off temporarily, pending several in house tests before we put them back on to Yummy.

Sadly, yesterday, we have also received a phone call from another one of our suppliers, Debbie Fisher of Posh Nosh, stating that due to personal circumstances she cannot, in the near future, continue to offer her superb cakes and bakery items to our clients. Debbie wishes Yummy all the best and hopes she can return to the site in the future.

Now that Yummy is a national business, we can begin to scour the country to find more independent food providers for the best quality products with provenance; Cornish Pasties from Cornwall, Bakewell Tarts from… well, Bakewell. Perhaps whisky from Loch Lomond and Cromer Crabs from… we think you’ve got the idea!

A new chapter in the history of the business deserves a new slogan. So, from today, ‘Yummy Loves Local’ will turn into ‘Local Yummy Food, Nationally Delivered.’ We will always continue to celebrate local, independent food and drink businesses, but now instead of just Lincolnshire, we can select food and drink with provenance from across the UK. We welcome any suggestions for products you think could work with our model.

To look after our clients further, and to launch Yummy nationally, we are offering free standard delivery on Wednesdays and Thursdays, for the foreseeable future. Standard delivery on Friday and Saturday will remain at just £5. You can also choose timed slots for an additional fee.

As Yummy begins its bright new future, please tell all of your friends, especially those who don’t live in Lincolnshire: from today everyone can enjoy a Yummy delivery. Expatriates who now live and work anywhere – from Kent to Kinross, Cornwall to Cardiff – who want Lincolnshire sausages, stuffed chine, haslet, fruit and veg, speciality products and the amazing Smokehouse range of barbecue food delivered right to their door.

I would personally like to thank all of our clients for their amazing support on behalf of our local suppliers and Yummy.

Best wishes

Julian Wilkinson

Founder of Yummy.