The Voice From The Fields

Keep up to date with our local Fruit & Veg expert Jonny King of Freshdrop, Heckington. Discover what’s in season, what to look out for and his top tips on what to add in to your Yummy Box. Jonny talks directly to the farmers in the fields and we pass on their knowledge to you!

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Looking forward to spring and summer

I’m sure you’re all aware that the days are creeping out to be longer and the temperatures are becoming bearable! This is great news for local produce, as the very best of what Lincolnshire has to offer is just around the corner. As we move through April, we will begin to see local new potatoes […]

As Spud as Gold: The Perfect Potato...

Roasted? Boiled? Chipped? Mashed, even? How do you like your Lincolnshire tates? My own preference is to give ‘em a good roasting in Lincolnshire rapeseed oil with a sprinkle of sea salt, a generous grind of pepper and a clove of garlic chucked into the roasting tin for good measure.  We all love our potatoes […]

Welcome to The Voice from the Fields

Fruit and veg varies throughout the year according to the weather, where it’s grown, who grows it and of course the four seasons. That’s why we’re asking one of Yummy’s many fresh produce suppliers, Jonny King of FreshDrop, to be ‘The Voice from the Fields’  and send us regular reports on what’s happening in the […]