Using vibrant oilseed rape grown in the dazzling golden fields of Lincolnshire comes a range of cold-pressed, filtered rapeseed oils that are healthier to cook with and more versatile. With half the saturated fat of olive oil, naturally high in Omega 3 and ideal for stir-frying, roasting, baking or dressing, you’ll discover the difference for yourself with Borderfield's products. And to accompany your meal, we’ll also be offering Borderfield's own range of Stoffells sauces – tomato ketchup, brown sauce or barbecue sauce – naturally sweetened with no added sugar, gluten-free and delivered straight to your door by Yummy. We’ve selected a range of oils to drizzle, plus a selection of low-calorie infusions and sprays – some infused with basil, garlic, chilli or lemon – meaning it’s never been more convenient to cook with a healthy heart in mind.