Looking forward to spring and summer

I’m sure you’re all aware that the days are creeping out to be longer and the temperatures are becoming bearable! This is great news for local produce, as the very best of what Lincolnshire has to offer is just around the corner.

As we move through April, we will begin to see local new potatoes available – our first variety will be Rocket; a variety almost entirely grown in Lincolnshire. The next few months will also see the first crops of spring or Sweetheart cabbage. It may be a little too early to see any summer cauliflower, but there will be plenty of UK grown vegetables available. 

Namely, these will include asparagus – local grown crops from St George’s Day on 23rd April – artichoke, beetroot, chicory, chillies, lettuce, marrows, parsnips, radish, rhubarb and watercress. Glasshouse strawberry crops will soon be making an appearance too, as we move from spring into summer. Watch this space as Yummy will be supplying local strawberries until September!

The growing conditions reported to me by my suppliers have made it very tough this month for over-wintered cabbage and cauliflower. The supply has not been as good as expected, and the density of cauliflower has not been as good as we would like. However, new season supply is very close, and the quality will improve quickly.