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Your Local Food Heroes from Lincolnshire who are Onboard...

Batemans Brewery

Good honest ales from one of the area’s most established and renowned breweries. Batemans Ales are the product of four generations of knowledge and have won myriad awards among the real ale community. Whether your preference is towards traditional cask ales, fruity craft beer, or pale ales, you’ll discover a range of beers that stick to a time-proven tradition of combining the best ingredients with the most exact brewing methods. And of course, Yummy can now deliver tradition right to your door for you to enjoy at home, we’ll definitely raise a glass to that. Cheers!

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Yummy Off-licence

The combination of great food and your favourite tipple is an unsurpassed pleasure. Now, Yummy is delighted to ensure you can add wine and beer to your order, ensuring you can enjoy our specially selected bottles of wines, local ales or lagers. We’ve even popped the cork on a couple of great Prosecco and Champagne options to ensure you can raise a glass and celebrate your special occasion with Yummy.

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Oink Pork Scratchings

This little piggy is the choice of connoisseurs everywhere, as Mike Holman brings to market the ultimate snack for those who love a hand-cooked artisan pork scratching with their favourite tipple. With an unmistakable crunch and the rich, deep flavour of the farmyard, Oink’s artisan pork scratchings are deliciously moreish and available either in their traditional form or with flavours like salt ‘n’ vinegar, sweet chilli or smoky barbecue.

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The Lincolnshire Smokehouse

As Lincolnshire farmers for more than six generations, the experienced team behind The Lincolnshire Smokehouse strongly believes in the authenticity of their barbecue products, and in the provenance of the ingredients they use.  Since 2016, the team has been offering traditionally reared, locally sourced meat, slowly infused with hickory in their Cookshack Smoker, imported from the home of real BBQ; the USA. We are so excited and delighted to announce The Lincolnshire Smokehouse as a Yummy Preferred Partner. Oh... and yes... we have tried all of the company's products, and we can confirm that they’re easy to cook, and delicious too. We think you'll be blown away! 

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The Yummy Greengrocer

From the county that feeds the country comes a wealth of Lincolnshire-grown or Lincolnshire-sourced fruit and vegetables, delivered direct to your door by Yummy. Your partners in provenance, we strive to use as much local produce as possible, but we also pride ourselves on sourcing quality non-native fresh produce through quality local businesses, too. You'll discover for yourself the Yummy difference in the fresh fruit, salads and vegetables we select to ensure you can taste the quality in every single one. Yummy uses local greengrocers, fruit and veg suppliers and local farmers (where possible).

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Simpsons Butchers

Multi-award winning providers of expertly-butchered meat and a specialist in dry-aged mature beef. Simpsons Butchers also provides lamb, pork and poultry as well as BBQ ready marinated dishes plus bacon & gammon, all with field-to-fork traceability. This Midlands and East of England ‘Butcher of the Year’ winner is a member of the Q-Guild of elite butchers, and has partnered with Yummy to ensure you can enjoy delicious meat delivered straight to your door.

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Carl Dunham’s Butchers

Providing the freshest cuts of meat to Lincolnshire residents for over 40 years. Carl Dunham’s Family Butchers can provide anything from thick steak with a beautiful marbling of fat to your Sunday roast, plus pies and sausage rolls all from high-welfare farms and all hung to ensure the tenderest, most flavoursome beef, lamb and pork. Enjoy the best quality, expertly butchered meat with outstanding local provenance.

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H Dawson and Sons Butchers

The Lincolnshire butcher with true provenance. H Dawson & Sons has been operating since 1872 and the family run firm still butchers their own meat on site and the company supplies both retail and wholesale customers. From the best quality beef to lamb and pork, you’ll find quality and provenance in equal measure at Dawsons.

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East Lincolnshire Seafood

East Lincolnshire Seafood is a family run business established in 1987. The business is now selling fresh and frozen seafoods to the public and wholesale. Their fresh fish is delivered daily from their major fish importers which they have dealt with for many years, sourcing the best quality fish from all around the world.

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Chapmans Seafoods

Chapmans Seafoods, based in Grimsby in North-East Lincolnshire, is run by the Chapman family, who have been involved in the Seafood industry for several generations. Central to the Chapman’s success story has been the late Mavis Chapman and her closely guarded recipes for her inspirational Fish Cakes. Their product range features everything from hand made fish cakes to chunky Salmon Supremes and gourmet wellingtons! Yummy would like to welcome Chapmans and their locally sourced seafood to the site as one of our preferred Suppliers.

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Curtis of Lincoln

With heritage in Lincolnshire reaching back 200 years and six generations, family butchers and bakers Curtis of Lincoln specialises in everything from traditional Lincolnshire sausages, pies and cooked meats to fresh bread, Plum Loaf, teatime treats and cakes. One of the longest-established independent food producers in Lincolnshire, the family-run company has 23 shops in the county, but now you can enjoy all of Curtis’s award winning, products with the added convenience of home delivery, thanks to Yummy, bringing fresh local food – with local provenance – right to your door.

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Posh Nosh

Posh Nosh is run by Lincolnshire born Debbie Fisher who specialises in all things cake alongside the running of her catering business. Posh Nosh creates beautiful cakes and bakes from the classic Victoria Sponge to Millionaire’s Shortbread and Lemon Oaties, just to name a few! Using a mixture of old family recipes as well as developing her own new recipes, Debbie’s cakes are a great addition to Yummy and we would like to welcome her and her wonderful treats to the site as one of our preferred Suppliers.

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Olawa Bakery

You’ll need to get up pretty early in the morning to find bakery products as good as those baked by Lincolnshire's Olawa. Beginning work at 5am, the team at the Bakery have up to 45-years experience each, and together, they produce rustic sourdough breads with slow fermentation to really bring out the flavour, plus white loaves, and a range of delicious pastries and patisserie – everything is made by hand! Naturally you’ll delight in the scent, texture and taste of delicious bread, but you’ll also appreciate the convenience of delivery right to your doorstep via Yummy.

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Orchard Cottage Desserts

For over 10 years Lincolnshire’s Mandy Jagger has been creating creamy, delicious and indulgent cheesecakes. Initially making them for friends and family, Mandy soon found herself in demand and became a supplier to restaurants and farm shops. Now, her products are available for delivery right to your door. We’ve chosen some of Mandy’s most popular flavours… her favourite is her tangy lemon cheesecake, but whichever flavour you choose you’ll love these handmade desserts, a great way to round off a meal! A five inch cheesecake is more than enough to feed three or four people whilst an eight inch cheesecakes one is sufficient for 10 to 12 people.

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Myers Bakery

Myers Bakery, now based in Horncastle in Lincolnshire have been handmaking their plum loaves with their small team of craft bakers since 1901 when Great Grandfather, Charles Myers produced the very first batch of Lincolnshire Plum Loaves in his, Alford based, windmill and store. Having had approval from the Queen in 1977, we are very much in agreeance with her and are happy to welcome Myers Bakery and their delicious Plum Loaf and Tea Loaf to the site as one of our preferred Suppliers. 

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Lymn Bank Farm Cheese

Since 2004, Thorpe St Peter-based Lymn Bank Farm has been producing artisan cheese with innovative and delicious flavours… and now, thanks to a partnership with Yummy, we can bring the producer’s speciality cheese right to your door. A family business specialising in developing quality cheese, Lymn Bank’s outstanding attention to detail and artisanal flair is evident throughout its range from its vintage Just Jane cheddar to the farm’s mature Lincolnshire Heart. Alternatively, enjoy one of a range of signature cheeses with juicy cranberries, caramelised red onion or the farm’s Mediterranean-inspired tomato and basil barrel… signature cheese barrels with terrific flavours as well as Lincolnshire provenance.

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Using vibrant oilseed rape grown in the dazzling golden fields of Lincolnshire comes a range of cold-pressed, filtered rapeseed oils that are healthier to cook with and more versatile. With half the saturated fat of olive oil, naturally high in Omega 3 and ideal for stir-frying, roasting, baking or dressing, you’ll discover the difference for yourself with Borderfield's products. And to accompany your meal, we’ll also be offering Borderfield's own range of Stoffells sauces – tomato ketchup, brown sauce or barbecue sauce – naturally sweetened with no added sugar, gluten-free and delivered straight to your door by Yummy. We’ve selected a range of oils to drizzle, plus a selection of low-calorie infusions and sprays – some infused with basil, garlic, chilli or lemon – meaning it’s never been more convenient to cook with a healthy heart in mind.

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Jenny's Jams of Lincoln

From perfect preserves to the juiciest of jams, Jenny is the Lincolnshire producer whose efforts really bear fruit. Enjoy a range of jams, marmalades and chutneys made with locally sourced fruit delivered straight to your door via Yummy. A chef by profession, Jenny turned her hand to jam over a decade ago and has been working hard ever since to develop the perfect range. Enjoy a cheerful dollop of fruity loveliness that’ll make you smile from breakfast right through to afternoon tea. 

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The Lincolnshire Drizzle Company

The Lincolnshire Drizzle Company, based in Fulbeck in Lincolnshire are producers of local Salad Dressings, Marinades and Pesto handmade in the heart of Lincolnshire. They make all of their products with Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil which is grown locally by a farm in Fulbeck, they contain real herbs and spices which make them the best quality! All of their dressings are great for cooking with as well as for salads from traditional Balsamic, sweet chilli, and Raspberry & Mint to BBQ, Cajun and Moroccan Marinades and Garlic and Chilli Pesto! Yummy would like to welcome The Lincolnshire Drizzle Company and their locally produced products to the site as one of our preferred Suppliers.

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Lincolnshire Tea

The Lincolnshire Tea and Coffee Company have always been proud of their approach. Over the past six years they have built a solid reputation for quality products, reliability and fantastic service. They are members of both Taste Lincolnshire and Select Lincolnshire. The ‘Love Food’ ethos mirrors their own values and they believe that to be members of both Taste Lincolnshire and Select Lincolnshire, you have to be committed to quality and excellence.

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RedSpot Coffee

We are delighted to welcome onboard to the Yummy family... RedSpot Coffee – for all your coffee cravings from bean to cup! RedSpot Coffee is a local family-run business with over 28 years experience within the industry... they really do know their beans! Their coffee is ethically sourced from farms and collectives located in the world’s best coffee regions. Roasted and blended to their own recipe in the UK providing you with the highest quality selection of fair trade and non fair trade coffee beans and filter coffee.

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Hawkens Gingerbread

It’s the Lincolnshire treat 280 years in the making! Back in 1740 Grantham baker William Eggleston used the wrong flour in his Whetstone biscuits… it was a happy accident which customers loved. Egglestone had invented Grantham Gingerbread, which was sold in the town right up to the 1970s. When the biscuit was in danger of extinction, Alistair Hawken stepped in and in 2009 relaunched the biscuit. Today Alistair has pioneered lemon, orange and special edition Christmas versions of the treat too. And now, you can enjoy gingerbread roundels or gingerbread men delivered to your door courtesy of Yummy, with that characteristic warming crunch you know and love from your childhood!

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Cartmel Puddings

At the heart of Yummy is a desire to provide locally sourced food, but we couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to offer Lincolnshire people these good old-fashioned puddings, just like mum used to make. Choose from favourites like sticky toffee, chocolate, ginger and banana flavours. Yummy has teamed up with Cartmel, with their 25 years experience making super-quality, ‘proper puddings’ with 100% natural ingredients. Ready to heat and eat with just a generous slathering of custard needed.

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Pipers Crisps

In the North Lincolnshire town of Brigg; sunlight, moisture and a little of Mother Nature’s magic turns the finest Lincolnshire potatoes into the nation’s favourite snack. And since 2004, if you love your crisps, there’s only one brand you’d turn to: Pipers, The firm’s flavours include cider vinegar, chorizo or cheddar and onion… or just the finest Anglesey sea salt if you’re a purist! Now, Yummy can deliver the ultimate crisp right to your door, delicious from the first crunch to the last.

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Priory Free Range Foods

Lincolnshire's Priory Free Range Foods is a family-run business established in 2005. At the heart of the business is their organic farm where they keep organic free-range laying hens. They are passionate about farming organically as they believe it is the only truly sustainable form of food production. They are keen for their customers to be assured, through their farm's organic certification, that they adhere to the highest possible welfare standards for their livestock.

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Cosy Bees Honey

Some potent pollinators, a little sunshine and a lot of magic. That’s how the bees at Cosy Bees manage to create some of the finest honey we’ve ever tasted! Ian and Blaga Peters are now partnering with Yummy to supply their products directly to your door. Choose from set honey or runny honey and embrace your inner Winnie the Pooh with this delicious, natural product, great for slathering on toast or for creating a one-pot honey and mustard chicken dish.

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