As Spud as Gold: The Perfect Potato…

Roasted? Boiled? Chipped? Mashed, even? How do you like your Lincolnshire tates? My own preference is to give ‘em a good roasting in Lincolnshire rapeseed oil with a sprinkle of sea salt, a generous grind of pepper and a clove of garlic chucked into the roasting tin for good measure. 

We all love our potatoes – however they’re prepared – but how often do we give consideration to each variety? Lincolnshire food delivery website Yummy’s potato supplier is Steven Lunn, from J. Lunn & Sons. 

Steven’s farm is located in Frithville and mainly grows Maris Piper, Marfona and Stemsters, three very well-known potato varieties for most purposes, Piper for roasting and chipping; Marfona for baking and mashing; Stemster for boiling. 

“We grow Piper, Marfona and Stemster on our 20 acres near Boston,” says Steven. “What makes these so special is our soil. Because we’re blessed with a beautiful loam type soil, this is where the taste comes from. Potatoes taste different from different land types.”

“A Piper potato from Boston’s loam soil will taste very different to a Piper grown on the sandy soils of Norfolk, for example. Piper potatoes are the ideal choice for roasting and chipping, due to their ‘dry matter’ content. They fry really well, too.”

“Marfona (championed by Marks & Spencer since the 1990s) are perfect for baking, due to their smooth texture. We’ve been growing Stemster for the past 25 years, and if you ask me which is the best tasting variety I grow, I’d say Stemster every time! It’s a brilliant tasting potato and a good all-rounder; it will chip, mash and boil.”

Yummy now sells these three varieties in either a 2kg or 25kg bag, with home delivery; see

Grace Lunn of J Lunn, Frithville.